Deposit Account

Deposit Account

1. Eligibility: An Iraqi Citizen and Iraqi Resident above 18 years of age.

2. Type of Account: Individual, Joint accounts or Minor Accounts under Guardianship.

3. Documents needed (Iraqi Citizens):

a. National ID

b. Residency card

c. Valid passport (If Any)

d. Civil Status ID

e. Two recent photos

4. Documents needed (Non Iraqi Citizens):

a. Valid Passport

b. Residency card

c. Residency Permit

d. Address Proof

e. Two recent photos

5. An account can be opened for an illiterate or a blind person. His/Her thumb impression/signature in the presence of two independent witnesses.

6. An account can be opened for a veiled woman, after completing all necessary recognition conditions.

7. An account can be opened in name of social, humanitarian, religious or not for profit associations after providing the following:

8. License of incorporation issued by competent government authority.

9. Memorandum of association certified by a competent authority.

10. A copy of articles of association.

11. Resolution of the board of directors to open the account stating the names of authorized signatories and validity period attested by the notary public.

12. A copy of the personal IDs of the authorized persons.

13. A saving account cannot be opened for governmental bodies or private/corporate sector companies.

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