Online USD Reservation System for Travelers


Online USD Reservation System for Travelers

Dear Customers…

Trade Bank of Iraq “TBI” presents you its online dollar reservation system for travelers. Travelers would need to fill out a reservation online form through the link below to schedule their visit to the bank’s branch providing such service.

Reservation link:بيع-الدولار-النقدي-للمواطنين/


  • Requirements and Mechanism for buying USD:

Upon completing the electronic reservation procedures and confirming your visit date, you will be directed to one of the bank’s branches to deposit the IQD cash amount. Therefore, you must meet the requirements and follow the purchasing mechanism, as stated below:

  • Requirements:
  1. A valid Iraqi passport with a valid visa or residence permit.
  2. ID card and Certificate of Nationality, or National ID card.
  3. Residence card.
  4. A valid travel ticket.
  5. The traveler shall undertake to the bank not to buy foreign cash from another party inside Iraq during a period of (one month).
  • Mechanism for Buying USD:
  1. The IQD amount shall be deposited with the bank’s branch specified for the traveler by the online system, provided that such IQD amount is equivalent the USD amount allocated for travel purposes.
  2. Traveler shall receive their allocated USD amount exclusively from TBI currency office located at Baghdad International Airport after submitting the deposit slip given to the customer upon depositing the equivalent IQD amount.
  3. The maximum period for depositing the IQD amount is two (2) days prior to travel date.
  4. The USD amount shall be delivered upon completing the boarding pass and passport stamping procedures.
  5. TBI currency office located at Baghdad International Airport, which designated for providing travelers with the allocated USD amount, is available 24/7.
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