Protect You E-card against Hacking and Fraud


Protect You E-card against Hacking and Fraud

1- Keep your electronic card information confidential and do not disclose nor share any.

2- Avoid dealing with any person or page on social media or websites claiming to grant advances or loans, for such transactions shall be conducted through the bank’s branches only.

3- Be careful when purchasing from websites and do not deal with any unreliable websites or entities.

4- Report to the bank any transaction concocted through your card out of your control, because it represents suspicious activity. You may contact: 07901944250 for any enquiry.

5- Do not ignore any alert or announcement by the bank or the card issuer regarding the safe use of cards.

6- The card holder is the card legal owner, and you permitting others to use the card is contrary to the terms of safe use of cards.

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